Proprietary software to suit all
your electronic monitoring needs

Agency Web App

Facilitates day-to-day fleet management
  • Cost effectiveness

    Start using the app without lengthy and costly training, saving up to 40% compared to traditional systems.

  • Reliable Monitoring

    Fast and accurate tracking of all TRAXGEO devices, with secure data storage and payments monitoring.

  • Ease of Use

    Manage zones and curfew times directly from map; fast data server and active alert system for reliable communication.

Defendant Mobile App

An integral part of TRAXGEO system to rpomote the defendant's compliant behaviour
  • Battery monitoring

    Device battery check to prevent sudden discharges and related violation alerts.

  • Issue reporting

    Prompt reporting of issues to the supervising agency for rapid response.

  • Payments

    Built-in payment system to ensure the clients are always in control of their balance.

Victim Mobile App

A mobile app designed to ensure safety and peace of mind for the victims of crime
  • Secure and free tool

    Easy to install and use, no subscription or use fees. A 'red button' to contact the supervision authority or police in case of an emergency.

  • Location and alert features

    Allows victims to receive offender status updates and zone violation alerts 24/7 in a timely manner.

  • Privacy guaranteed

    All information about registration and in-app activities is kept strictly confidential.