Web App and TRAXGEO Devices: How to Make a Perfect Combination

May 03, 2022

No matter how sophisticated a fleet of devices is, there's more to unlock their potential. For devices to ensure effective tracking of offenders, they need to be properly programmed, networked and tracked – in general, an entire complex of activities is to be carried out to bring more safety to the communities.

So what does it take to make the system fully operational and contribute to ensuring public safety?

We started working on this matter at an early stage of the project, when we developed the specifications and terms of reference. We studied all the customer's requirements and found the best ways of implementing them. The main focus of our research efforts and production activities was on making an advanced offender management system that seamlessly integrates TRAXGEO ankle monitors with Web and mobile apps.

TRAXGEO device and the apps together form a unique system that becomes a reliable assistant to the authorities dealing with the supervision of offenders, since all of its components work in perfect harmony.

Now the TRAXGEO system allows sending coordinates and displaying them on a map; creating allowed and restricted zones using a freehand drawing tool; playing messages directly on the offender's device with the help of a command from the app; remote locking and unlocking, receiving tamper alerts directly to the Web App, and doing a lot of other things to manage the offenders conveniently and cost-effectively.

To make interaction seamless, we spent hundreds of hours to ensure harmonization of device parameters with application functionality. Moreover, the experience we have gained in making the TRAXGEO system can be used for the creation of other systems providing advanced tracking services to various types of clients.