Victim Safety, One of TRAXGEO's Priorities

May 20, 2022

Offenders awaiting trial or on supervised release are generally prohibited by the court from entering in certain areas. However, statistics show that violations related to stalking occur in 55 percent of cases. Victims of crime are often harassed, threatened, and even attacked by the offenders. For that reason, providing more safety to victims of crime is an important matter we need to address in the public security domain.

This matter becomes especially sensitive in domestic violence cases where offenders are not held in a temporary detention facility but issued a restraining order defining the areas they are prohibited from entering.

On the one hand, an offender who tends to stalk the victim even after being given a restraining order must be dealt with accordingly. This task becomes easier if an offender wears an electronic monitor that allows for accurate location tracking. On the other hand, and just as importantly, victims who are afraid of threats or stalking need an effective solution, an opportunity to enjoy a normal life, without having to change their regular habits because of the offender being around, without fear for themselves and their loved ones.

To ensure the safety of those affected by crime, TRAXGEO has developed the Victim Mobile application for Android and iOS devices. Offender management service providers can now bring more safety to the victims of crime by offering them our free Mobile App. It allows victims of crime to feel safer by receiving timely warnings and messages about the offender's status and violations.

Add victim data and location to the offender's account in the Web App, set the radius of the circle around the victim's location, and the victim will start receiving alerts on the cellphone when the offender crosses the boundary. In this case, the App user is given a chance to respond adequately and report the violation to the police in case of emergency.

Let us not forget that the security of the society depends on the security of each its member. OMS providers can also contribute to the general security by giving piece of mind to victims of crime through TRAXGEO Victim Mobile App.