Confidentiality & Data Security: The Ways We Protect Our Customers

April 26, 2022

The information space is flooded with reports of illegal use of personal data and withdrawal of money. While working with TRAXGEO System, users should communicate their data, which need to be protected from theft, loss or any unauthorized use.

As latest developments show, nothing in the digital world is unhackable, and nobody is immune to the personal or critical data being stolen, destroyed or misused. The worst-case scenarios may involve theft of considerable amounts of money from bank accounts or even a frameup. If the stolen or lost data belong to a third party, then a multimillion-dollar claim made by such third party can disrupt even the most powerful business. So, how can you feel protected against all these threats if you still need to communicate and store sensitive information (for example, when registering an agent or an offender in the system)?

At TRAXGEO, we are very conscious about the potential damage that may be caused by destruction, loss or unauthorized disclosure of sensitive data, and we take all possible measures to protect our customers.

Multi-level data protection implemented by TRAXGEO ensures that our customers' data are kept with maximum security, and chances of data theft or loss are minimized.

First of all, when creating our Apps and Devices, we integrate data security elements as early as at the design stage, making sure that safety requirements are met throughout the entire production process. We use only protected data transmission channels for all our Apps. In addition, all sensitive data of agencies and offenders are encrypted and stored on protected media that can be accessed by authorized personnel only. Besides, all our employees involved in software engineering, QA and data handling sign a non-disclosure agreement that clearly defines each employee's liability for breach of data processing, storage and non-disclosure requirements.

We ensure proper organization, documentation and monitoring of all these activities, so our clients can rest assured that their data will remain safe, confidential and unreachable to hackers. With TRAXGEO, you can perform your offender management activities as confidently as it gets.