Benefits Traxgeo offers to customers

April 26, 2022

However perfect a product you develop, there is a question that must be answered beforehand: What is in it that can make it special for your potential buyers? TRAXGEO have answered this question as early as at the conceptualization stage, so that all our devices are made with a clear understanding of what exactly each of its advanced features can actually change for the better in the OMS providers' activities and the communities.

Reliable tracking is essential to any OM system. Allowed and restricted areas for offenders are often set to within a few meters. The TRAXGEO tracker works with the same accuracy, since it has been specifically designed to provide frequent and reliable updates on the wearer's whereabouts, allowing for timely detection of violations and preventing false alarms.

Secure data storage increases agency confidence and wearer safety. Despite the development of satellite navigation and mobile communications, there are still areas where the signal may be lost. This is unpleasant for both the agency and the wearer: if the device does not send a location signal for a long time, it may mean that it has been tampered with or broken. To solve this issue, we provided the device with a reliable data recording and storage system. Geolocation data are periodically saved to a built-in memory card, and can then be sent to the server or downloaded. In many cases, such a geodata archive can prove that the wearer was not violating and that the device could not receive a signal.

Our advanced charging system and magnetic adapters made charging faster and easier compared to traditional unpleasant process of recharging it several times a day being connected to the wall socket. It takes only two hours to fully charge the device for the next couple of days.

Extended battery life ensures stable functioning of TRAXGEO ankle monitor for about 48 hours. That means the wearer can stay active and even go to the barbecue, to visit relatives, to the countryside, provided that the destination is situated within the allowed zone. All the wearer needs is to fully charge the device before the planned travel (besides, the battery level can be checked in Mobile Application) and enjoy the outing.

Ergonomic shape makes the device unique in terms of comfort while jogging, having rest or charging. Rounded angles, smooth surface, and silicone bracelet – everything has been created with the aim of bringing more comfort to wearers and ensuring device's low visibility.

Another innovative solution is a hypoallergenic bracelet. It is made of silicone using our original manufacture process and perfectly fits the ankle shape, while including advanced anti-tamper features. This means the bracelet can be worn by anyone, even those who have very sensitive skin and are afraid of getting hurt.

Bilingual voice alert system makes TRAXGEO device convenient to use for those whose native language is Spanish. Our ankle monitors send voice alerts when the user violates the assigned zones, is requested to contact the agency, or the device needs recharging. Voice alert system either in English or Spanish ensures maximum user comfort and enables the agencies to significantly increase the customer base. TRAXGEO devices are easily configured by the Agency from WebApp, so it is possible to change the language of alerts any time you need.


As you can see, all innovations and special features that we have implemented in our TRAXGEO devices have made them more reliable, economical and comfortable. Being a forward-thinking company, we are confident our advanced offender management technology is a more cost-effective way to make communities a safer place.