Have all your electronic monitoring requirements met

All-in-one offender management

Enjoy seamless offender management using our harmonized hardware and software system.


Know your clients' whereabouts with our advanced algorithms ensuring real-time tracking of offenders.

Integrated messaging and scheduling

Use a single environment for all offender management activities to make sure your clients receive timely notifications.

State-of-the-art smart wearables
to ensure compliance


Advanced electronics provide accurate location and geofencing data, with voice alerts.


Waterproof, tamper-resistant ankle monitors with extended battery life remain functional even in heavy-duty conditions.


Ergonomically designed with hypoallergenic materials for wearing discreetness and comfort.

Smart Apps Developed
By and For The Industry Experts

Agency Web App

Your integrated tracking environment with convenient zone management and communication features.

Offender Mobile App

Offender's communication center for convenient payments and battery health monitoring; no need to go to bank.

We provide affordable business options for cost-effective electronic monitoring

Get started instantly

Use your computer, tablet or smartphone and a web browser to log into the system; no installation required.

Save time and cost

Save up to 90% with affordable device fees compared to other providers; pay by instalments for quick start at moderate cost.

Increase compliance

Reliable communication, secure payments, and battery check via the Offender Mobile App to promote compliant behavior and reduce complaints.

Reduce labor inputs

Cloud-based active monitoring of defendant zones with convenient zone management, rapid alerts, and possibility to quickly add any number of agents and clients.